Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scholarships for Physical Therapy Degrees

Although it is one of the most difficult and most important decisions that you may make in your life, simply choosing to pursue a degree in physical therapy isn’t the hardest part of the process. Once you’ve decided what you want to study in college, you still have to decide how you’re going to pay for it. Although undergraduate degrees in physical therapy used to be the minimum requirement for achieving this professional career, the rules have since changed. Now, if you’d like to be able to practice as a physical therapist, you may have to complete an approved undergraduate degree as well as a degree at the master’s or doctoral level. These degrees might be more expensive, and you might be wondering where all of this money is going to come from.

One of the way to deal with the cost of an education is to figure out how to get scholarships for physical therapy degrees. There mighrt be many different ways to secure funding that may allow you pay for tuition. Some of these options include grants, scholarships, and loans, and the most desirable of these options is scholarships, as they usually don’t need to be paid back. One place to start looking for scholarships for physical therapy degrees is in the financial aid department of the schools that you’re applying to. This department may be able to tell you about any academic or ethnic scholarships that might be available. Also, talk to the directors of the physical therapy program, and see if there are any specific scholarships available for your major.

Another place to start looking for scholarships for physical therapy degrees is at the national professional organizations that are responsible for communicating with the industry leaders and nationally recognized companies. The American Physical Therapy Association may also offer different scholarships for students wishing to pursue an education in physical therapy.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for a way to find scholarships for physical therapy degrees is that acting early may put you in a better position to get the scholarship that you want. Review the application guidelines carefully for each school that you’re interested in, and note the deadlines for applying for scholarships. Make sure you double check all your application materials to make sure that all transcripts, letters of recommendation, and admissions essays are included and well written. Keep your options open by applying to private and public schools that are both instate and out of state. This way you may have more than a few chances to get the scholarships that you need.

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